The number of COVID-19 patients recovering from the virus has raised to a new high despite the slight increase in the total number of infected cases.

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The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has reported that 5 new cases were recorded on 14th April 2020, taking the total number of confirmed cases to 641.

Despite the increase, 83 patients are reported to have recovered from the symptoms of the virus and reverted to negative status or awaiting a second test to confirm that status.

All recovered patients are people who tested positive through the contact treating exercise under Ghana’s Situation Routine Surveillance Program.

According to GHS, 17 patients among the recovered patients were treated, reverted to negative status and discharged after several tests. 66 of the patients have tested negative once and awaiting a second test.

No patient is in a critical condition but more than 540 of the active cases are responding to treatment according to GHS.

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