Based on our findings, the nurses and midwives have embarked on strike action nationwide following the government lackadaisical attitude towards their conditions of service petitioned earlier.

According to the Ghana Registered nurses and midwives’ association, whatever they are demanding is legitimate and that the government has turned a deaf ear to them for far too long and hence the need for a strike.

As such the headquarters of the Ghana Registered nurses and midwives’ association in Accra has issued a directive to all of its members nationwide to embark on strike action till their needs are met upon further negotiations and documentary agreements with effect from today, 21 st September 2020.

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“We urge all managers not to intimidate any nurse and midwife but rather support this fruitful course and it’s a total withdrawal of services and not skeletal staff being at post while the rest remain at home”, Prince Opuni Frimpong, Greater Accra Regional Chairman, Ghana Registered nurses and midwives’ association says in a memo supplied to all of its regional and districts branches nationwide.


The ministry of health and the labour relation ministry is expected to address the impasse as soon as practicable as saving of humans lives are involved here. All and sundry are expecting the government to renegotiate with the association to meet the nurses and the midwives plight.

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It will be recalled that health workers especially nurses and midwives have had their negative fair share of coronavirus with many infected whiles saving COVID -19 patients.



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