Ogidi Brown singer and record label owner has explained why he decided to use eggs and Schnapps as witness when signing Cryme Officer.

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He signed Cryme Officer to his record label after Fameye his former artiste parted ways with him.

in signing Cryme Officer, he brought eggs and Schnapps as witnesses though humans were also present.

According to him, he was afraid that what happened between him and Fameye will reoccur and that is why he brought the eggs and Schnapps

He said people are more afraid of such things than God and the Bible as people hold Bible and still lie.

”it was not because I was cursing him, but I added them as witnesses because I was afraid of what will happen after my issues with Fameye. So I brought the eggs and Schnapps because I wanted him to see I was serious”

He added that this has tarnished his image because anytime he googles his name he will see his picture with the Schnapps and eggs.

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