Parliament has agreed that the Electoral Commission (EC) can use Ghana Card and passports as the only form of identification for the new voter registration exercise.

Two-thirds of the quorum must vote against steps to abolish constitutional instruments.

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However, the legislature chose 102 to 96 for the amendment.

The EC conveyed to Parliament a regulation on Public Election (Amendment) regulation, 2020 (C.I. 126)) to amend C.I. 91 to make some modification to the current identification requirements.

Despite the fact that the Ghana card or passport is an acceptable document for registration, any person who possesses any of the document can vouch for another individual.

According to the constitutional instrument first presented to parliament, “a person who submits voter registration must show the following as proof of identification: passport, national identity card, or guarantee form for voter identification, as stated in Form one of the schedules and signed off by two registered voters.”

The current modification has been met with strong opposition from the various opposition parties including the NDC who believes many people will be disenfranchised if the commission considers the passport and the Ghana Card as the only form of identification.

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