Based on interview monitored by at Accra based radio station where the chair of Tour Operators Union of Ghana Advisory Board, Ahmed Naaman  expressed his worry over the collapse of over 23 travel and tour operators in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region alone due to the impact of coronavirus.

He explained when the lockdown was imposed last year in March most businesses were not operating and so that there was a temporarily shut down. Workers were laid- off in general and Travel & Tours Agencies were not an exception since there was no production and revenue. 


He reiterated that after the temporal lift of the restrictions measures most of these operators are now using their office space for other businesses like clothing, etc, just to survive.

“Honestly, as I am speaking to you, in Kumasi only since last year lock-down up to now, over 23 travel and tour agencies have collapsed,” those that I know have shut down and they are doing different businesses to put food on the table so people are selling clothes and some have ended up in all kind of trades and that’s very depressing,” Mr Ahmed Naaman said.

In conclusion, I think that if the interest rates could be further reduced in general to encourage some of these collapse or near-collapse businesses to go for loans to revive and augment their businesses.



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