Parliament has suspended approval of the report of the Subsidiary Legislative Committee on controversial constitutional tools from the General Elections Commission (CI).

The CI which is meant to support the Electoral Commission’s efforts to create a new voter register but after the committee chairman accused a ranking member of doctoring the report, Parliament could not discuss and approve it on Friday, 5 June 2020. CI maturation on Tuesday.

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Minority Whip, Ibrahim Ahmed accused MP Adentan Yaw Bouaben Asamoah of editing and changing the actual report presented by the chairman Dr Dominic Ayine.

“The report was well written by the chairman. But the ranking member has cancelled a portion after the chairman seemed his consultation.”

“As we speak, the chairman is now writing another report. If a  ranking member cancels part of the report, what type of report should we discuss?”

EC wants Parliament to effect changes to the current requirement for a person to register for voters ID

Dr. Ain confirmed the accusation.

“My ranking member decided to improve my report, which I had no problem with, but he changed the report significantly so that what he sent me was very different from the original report I gave him,” he said.

According to him, Mr. Buaben Asamoah deleted all sections that reflect the justification given by CI by the Election Commission (EC).

After this complaint, Speaker Mike Oquaye said it was impossible to discuss and approve CI.

Therefore, the Speaker asked the committee to spend the weekend revising its report and bringing it back to the approval stage on Tuesday.

“We cannot change the position of the chairman in this special situation. In this situation, the chair of the committee must consult the views of his member to build the report.”

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