The Inter-Party Resistance Against the New Voter Register (IPRAN) threatens to disrupt mass registration if the Electoral Commission (EC) continues its plans to create a new voter register.

According to the group, the Machiavellian electoral administration is using harsh tactics to create a new register before this year’s general election.

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At a press conference on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, IPRAN described the EC as disappointing to amend Section 1 (3) of C.I 91 so that current voter ID is excluded as part of the basic ID document required by voters who must be registered before the December elections.

“It is very disappointing and desperate to find that political parties in resistance hear for the first time this extraordinary effort by the EC to politically fanatically exclude nearly 10 million voters from registering to vote in elections this year,” said the Group spokesperson, Bernard Mornah.

Bernard Mornah, spokesperson for IPRAN

Mr. Mornah claims that Ghana card and passports are illegal and cannot be used to create new registers.

“We have heard several misleading EC allegations that allegedly claim that the electoral card had to be excluded because of a “school of thought” that some foreigners might have a voter card and others who registered in 2012 with the NHIS card might still be in the register.”

“This argument is ridiculous to say, because the so-called reliable identification documents (Ghana cards and passports) are also filled with the same allegations of infiltration of foreigners and, in some cases, these foreigners have been arrested, as reported.”

However, Bernard Mornah called on religious groups and civil society organizations to speak out against the development to avoid the possibility of an explosion.

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