Raising children is arduous and painstaking. The work of parents is incomplete if they are unable to raise their children in a proper way. Children need to be guided and nurtured to fit into societies to be beneficial to others and good exemplary. Children must be taught values. They must be taught social, moral and religious values that are generally accepted and good.

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Social persuasions involve teaching children to be respectful, humble, polite and to be clean at all fronts,etc..

Moral values consist of faithfulness, self-control, fairness, charity, etc.

Religious values include prayer, reading and obedience of the scriptures, etc.

Parents should teach their children through examples. Whatever you want your children to do demonstrate. If you want to teach your children to love, show your children love and care. If you want to teach them honesty, then don’t lie to them. Pray with them if you want to teach them a how-to prayer.

The use of object lessons to pass on values to children has proven to be very beneficial. Using nature to pass on relevant information about human life, social values, and God has proven to be very effective.

The parent religious values could be passed on to children by studying the Bible together, praying together and other tenets of belief that are relevant for assimilation and practice.


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