Billionaire Cosmetics magnate Kylie Jenner has added a new Los Angeles based $36.5 million dollar home to her collection according to TMZ.

The 15,350 square feet estate is a modern single-storey compound built as a resort.

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The billionaire’s new crib has a wide variety of luxury ranging from a chef’s kitchen, an outdoor projection screen, home theatre, bars and game rooms, a gym and a championship-level sports court with pickleball/basketball to fit her taste.

The house was listed for $45 million but if you’ve been in the three comma group before, you certainly know how to negotiate property prices and Kylie knows just that.

The Travis Scott’s Baby mama hado connections with the seller of the estate. He had previously sold her land where Kylie is buliding in the Palm Springs.

The new home can boast of two guest apartments probably to offer enough space for the Kardashians when they visit and Kylie made sure of that.

The mansion has 7 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Rumors say Kylie could park up to 20 of her luxurious vehicles in the parking lot of the $37 million dollar home.

Kylie Jenner makes sure her billion is spent well. Her love for luxury can be seen in her purchases ranging from luxurious cars to houses and designer clothings.

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