Police in Los Angeles shot an 18-year-old security guard dead on Thursday night. The boy, Andres Guardado was a security guard at an auto shop in Garden.

Police say he flashed a weapon at them and started running away from them and started off.

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During a briefing by authorities, Lt. Charles Calderaro said “Deputies observed the individual, at which point he observed the deputies. The individual then produced a handgun and began running southbound away from the deputies through businesses nearby.”

“Deputies engaged in a short foot pursuit between the two businesses.

“At some point, deputies contacted the suspect and that’s when the deputy-involved shooting occurred,” Lt Calderaro added.

Guardado was pronounced dead in the alley after the shooting. His family said get wasn’t violent and he had no weapons but police said a gun was recovered at the scene where the shooting happened.

The owner of the auto shop, Andrew Heney said the boy was a good person and didn’t pose any threat. He said Guardado had a “clean background.”

“We had a security guard that was out front, because we had just had certain issues with people tagging and stuff like that.”

“And then the police came up, and they pulled their guns on him and he ran because he was scared, and they shot and killed him.”

“He’s got a clean background and everything. There’s no reason.”

“I lost a part of me, it’s empty, and I’m never gonna have him back,” Guardado’s sister said.

“I’m never gonna see him, he’s never gonna talk to me. I just can’t believe this happened to my brother. It really hurts me.”

Protesters started pouring in front of the auto shop to demand justice for Andres Guardado.

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