Ghana Police on lockdown duty

Policewoman on lockdown duty at a checkpoint in Tema Newtown has been shot by a military man who is currently under detention.

The policewoman, Lance Corporal Francisca Tenge is believed to have not engaged the military man in any tussle according to the Tema Regional Police Division.

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The police have opened an investigation into the matter though it is not clear whether the shooting was accidental.

The victim was rushed to the Tema General Hospital where she is currently responding to treatment after she was shot on the thigh at a close range according to health officials at the hospital.

This is not the first time the military has assaulted people during the lockdown but the case on the police is the first of it kind since the lockdown.

The Ghana Arm forces are yet to make an official statement about the incident.

Despite the incident, the relationship between the police and the military on lockdown duty in the area have been very cordial according to the Tema Police.


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