Pope Francis has congratulated the 2nd Catholic President to be elected to the high office of the president of the United States following John F. Kennedy who was the first.

The President-elect’s transition announced that the Pope spoke to Joe Biden on Thursday morning.

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Joe Biden greets Pope Francis at the Vatican in April 2016

The Pope has joined the long list of world leaders who have ignored Trump’s refusal to recognize Joe Biden’s win and gone ahead to congratulate him.

Joe Biden is a staunch Catholic who attends mass every week at the Bradywine Catholic Church Wilmington, Delaware.

The President-elect and the Pope Francis have met on previous occasions, once at the Pope’s 2013 inauguration at the Vatican and on the Holy See’s visit to the Washington in 2015 during the Obama administration.

President-elect Joe Biden attends mass every week at a Catholic church in Wilmington, Delaware.

The two leaders have expressed desires to work on common causes including climate change, caring for the poor, human rights and immigration.

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