Pray for the nations of the earth that seems to find themselves in the middle of perils at the moment for whatever reason. From what I see, it looks like no nation has been exempt from experiencing some kind of difficulties.

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Pray for the government of your nation today. Who you put in office or who gets in the leadership role of your either fairly or by force determines the direction of your nation. The clock of many of your nations are ticking, and it is mandatory that you pray for your nation, your government, and pray for the people of the land to repent and turn to Christ. As I have clearly heard from the Lord, in this season, it is either Christ or the crisis. Nations must make a choice between evil and good, and between righteous things and unrighteous things, and there is no nation on earth that is exempt from this choice.

I see many unfortunate things coming rapidly for the nations that Choose the way of error, but I see an olive branch for those nations that choose the path of righteousness.See Isaiah 28:22,Luke 21:10-11,Luke 21:16,20-28,Matthew 24:6-18,Matthew 24:14 and 1 Thessalonians 5:1-15.Through the truth, repentance can take place and a lot of souls and a lot of lives can be saved. If the truth is blocked, or ignored, or not heard, then a lot of lives and souls will be lost in the process.See Zechariah 13:8-9,Amos 9:8-12,Zephaniah 1:14-18 & 2:1-15.


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