According to Canadian Based research organisation, “Leaders of Tomorrow” President Akuffo Addo is the best and outstanding President in Africa in 2018 considering their research findings.

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Leader of Tomorrow actually ranked best five Presidents in Africa namely;

President Akuffo Addo
  1. President Akuffo Addo, Ghana
  2. President Ian Khama Khama, Botswana
  3. President Ameenah Gurib, Mauritius
  4. President Danny Faure , Seychelles
  5. President Adama Barrow, Gambia

The research areas were based on pragmatic policies, visions and other areas of focus. The areas of policies,visions and other areas of focus of President Akuffo Addo that occasioned his best position were one district one factory, one village one dam, free secondary education, Planting for Food and Jobs, Rearing for Food and Jobs, Nation Builders Corp(NABCO),commitment to the development of Ghana, the reduction of corruption allegations under his tenure and respect of the rule.

Additionally, similar research was done by US-based research organisation, World Vision Forum and the findings reveal that President Akuffo Addo is the best and oustanding president in Africa and third in the world.




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