Free Senior High School Policy was introduced by President Akuffo Addo in September 2017 and this has increased enrollment since. In 2017, when Free SHS Policy started it covered only the first-year students. In 2018, the policy covered the first and second-year students of SHS and September this year it is expected to cover all SHS students. The policy has been funded form Ghana’s oil proceeds and people are raising questions about its sustainability.

President Akufo Addo

A lot of Ghanaians straightnewsonline interviewed like the policy and are suggesting that a bill is passed to make it permanent in Ghana so that irrespective of any government that comes to power it will be sustained.

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Less than 24 hours ago the President of Ghana tweeted on his page the following;

President Akuffo Addo’s tweet

Free Senior High school is undoubtedly a good policy, however, whether or not it will be sustainable is the bane of worry.




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