The security temperature is deteriorating especially in the northern and central belts of Nigeria and quite worrying, says President Mahammadu Buhari. He, however, partly blame the security apparatus for being ineffective in the meantime.

According to AFP News Agency report, President Buhari says “I believe the military, the police, and other law enforcement agencies, from the reports I am getting, I think they could do much better,”

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One of the President Buhari’s manifesto message was to fight Boko Haram and atrocities of all sorts and violence. He has been in power for the past five years, however, the promise is not yet met. I believe much needs to be done by his government to reduce the security challenges at an amazing rapidity or else Nigerian electorates will begin to lose trust in him.

Kidnapping activities, ethnic conflict, and criminality are increasing by the day meanwhile Boko Haram activities have not been overcome yet.

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