Women are quite different from men and so are their needs.

  1. Affection and affirmation- A woman expects her man to appreciate and affirm her when she does something to him like provision of food or even chores. Additionally, when she puts on a good dress, hairstyle, makes good comments, makes some achievements, etc. Affection and affirmation could be done through words of appreciation and actions by buying her gifts, etc.
  2. Good communication- Women are prone to conversation naturally. A woman expects her fiancee or husband to have constant good communication or conversation with every day. Good conversation is expected because not all conversations are good. Conversations which are inimical like persistent quarrels or disagreements should be avoided. This conversation am talking about should be enjoyable, funny and valuable.
  3.  Believability- A woman needs a man to trust, be transparent to and understand her. This helps in strengthening the relationship and/or marriage.
  4. Financial security- Even though this should not be a major yardstick in a relationship and /or marriage, but it is inevitable. Even the Bible says “money answers all things”. The money here must not be huge, but there should be a regular flow of income from the man’s side to cater for the financial need of her and/or family.
  5. The man’s time with the family- Women need attention. Women need their fiancee or husbands to invest quality time with them and/or family. Women see themselves valuable when their men spend time with them, and vice versa.
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