The Girls-in-Ready are personally chosen by The Queen. 

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Ann Fortune FitzRoy, Dowager Duchess of Grafton. 

The Senior Woman-in-Ready is Mistress of the Robes, Ann Fortune FitzRoy, Dowager Duchess of Grafton. 

The 101-year-old widow, generally known as ‘Fortune’ is unlikely to be becoming a member of the monarch attributable to her age. 

Woman Susan Hussey 

Woman Susan Hussey, 82, additionally acts as a senior Woman-in-waiting to the Queen. She is the is the fifth and youngest daughter of Geoffrey Waldegrave, twelfth Earl Waldegrave and  Mary Hermione, Countess Waldegrave, and was married to the late BBC chairman Marmaduke Hussey.

The opposite Girls-in-Ready are: –

Susan Rhodes

Susan Rhodes was appointed as an Further Woman-in-Ready in 2017 alongside Woman Elizabeth Leeming.

She is believed to be a part of the HMS bubble and joined Her Majesty on the Centotpah in November 2020.   

Mrs Rhodes is married to Simon Rhodes, the son of the late Margaret Rhodes.

Woman Elizabeth Leeming

Woman Elizabeth Leeming, The Queen’s first cousin as soon as take away was appointed a lady-in-waiting in 2017.

She is the daughter of the seventeenth Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne, Fergus Michael Claude and Mary Pamela McCorquodale. 

Virginia Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie, 88. 

She was born within the New Jersey and is the daughter of John Barry Ryan Jr., and Margaret Kahn and is married to David Ogilvy, thirteenth Earl of Airlie.

She has joined the Queen on journeys to the US and met President and Barbara Bush at The White Home.  

The Hon Mary Morrison, 84.

She is the daughter of John Morrison, 1st Baron Margadale and Margaret, Woman Margadale (née Smith). Her father and brothers have been lively as politicians of the Conservative Social gathering. 

Richenda Elton, The Woman Elton, 84.

She is married to Rodney Elton, 2nd Baron Elton, a former Conservative member of the Home of Lords 

The Hon Mrs Whitehead, Annabel Whitehead, 78

Beforehand a girl in-waiting to Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. Since her loss of life in 2002, she has held the workplace of Woman in Ready to Queen Elizabeth II

Mrs Michael Gordon Lennox, often known as Jennifer Gibbs

A former lady-in-waiting to the Queen mom 

Mrs Robert de Cross, Phillipa de Cross

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