monitored an interview Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang vice-presidential candidate for the National Democratic Congress(NDC) granted NYCE FM hosted by Oti Fabeen Kakra as part of her campaign tour in Winneba said that when NDC is voted back to power they will cancel the licensure examination.

“Am not part of the people who instituted licensure examination under Acts 778 which was passed in 2008 under the then President John Akufo Addo, I became the Education Minister in 2015. The bill was passed 5 years before I went to the Ministry of Education”, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang said.

The licensure examination is operational on and by National Teaching Council, National Inspectorate Council, National Curricula Board.

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She also said that we have already an Inspectorate Division in the Ministry of Education which is in charge of making sure that the teachers have duly been trained and so why licensure examination?

The University board is not in agreement with this licensure examination bill. The  Minister of education cannot give instruction for the Universities. The Universities and College of Education has National Council for Tertiary Education, National Accreditation Council, and Professional Council that regulate them and they have been very effective and so why licensure examination. Colleges of Education are certified by the University of Cape Coast. There shouldn’t be government interference while there are boards managing them.

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She also explained that teachers are not in support of licensure examination. The teacher has attended the College of Education where she or he wrote a series of examinations to be awarded the teachers’ certificate. The teacher had gone through teaching practice already. Why should the teacher write examination again to qualification him or her to teach?. The Board and Council had gone through their education already to award them and it is needless for them to write licensure exams.

Licensure should be reconfigured to be standard for quality assurance rather, If you think there is a problem with the University deal with it at the institutional level, she added

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