Prophet Francis Kwateng is the President and founder of House of Power  Ministry International and last Sunday in his sermon on Elijah TV claimed God has given him a direction to the cure of coronavirus and next Sunday he was going to prescribe and elucidate for Ghanaians and that whoever believes and applies will be protected from and be cured of coronavirus if infected already.

Prophet Francis Kwateng at 10.30 am on Sunday, 19 April 2020 declares a divine cure for coronavirus for Ghana. He added that God gave him this direction to the cure of coronavirus does not make him superior to any man of God in Ghana, but he operates different offices of Prophecy. He highlighted the five-fold ministry and stress that each office is peculiar and that the direction God has given to tell Ghanaians is as a result of the prayers Ghanaians have said over the weeks.

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According to Prophet Francis Kwateng, the directions are of two folds;

  1. It is about the use of your own dress. He instructed the watchers and listeners to bring any dress of theirs. After he read and explain Psalm 91:14 and declared that the dress you have will have a different scent from the Lord. Further, he prayed on the dress and declared the dress has turned to God’s word and as long as you wear that dress you have worn God’s word which will protect you from any disease. Normally you wash the dress, but the dress will forever represent the word of God and healing when and after you wear it.
  2. This is about the use of soot. He added that when the soot is mixed with a cup(s) of water and you drink it any sickness you have in your body will evaporate into thin air even if you are diagnosed with coronavirus.
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