The institution, marriage as they say it is and dating can be very daunting tasks. People fall in love and do all the good things for a while and then the tests start to come. One thing you can’t rule out of these two relationships; marriage and dating is arguments.

When people fall in love, some of them promise not to hurt each other but it is hard to live and not experience struggles in a relationship, be it arguments, fights, financial difficulties and jealousy.

A lot of external factors can lead you to argue in your marriage life that you don’t have control over. That is why you can not confidently say that you won’t have issues in your marriage.

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It’s always difficult to know how to handle these challenges when they come up expecially when arguments become heated to the extent that no one wants to listen to the other.

This is where Serwaa Amihere comes in. The award winning GHOne news anchor and producer gave a little advice on how marriage couples and dating couples can handle heated exchanges.

The celebrity took to Twitter to offer the advice. She asked couples to take a leave for some minutes when they can’t control their anger during exchanges.

“When issues get heated between you and your spouse, politely announce a twenty-minute time out and then return with a calm tone and the intention to compromise,” she wrote on social media.

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Serwaa’s model might not solve the problem but it can give the two of you some space to reconsider your entrenched positions that led you to the fight.


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