Recently Rev. Victor Kpakpo Addo popularly known as Azigiza Jnr. chalked a major milestone in his marriage with his wife Gertrude Edith Addo as they celebrate their eighteenth year of successful marriage.

Rev. Azigiza Jnr. and his wife received the shock of their lives as the hostess Stacy Amoateng on her restoration programme offered them the opportunity to renew their marriage vows in an all-expense paid event on the date of their choosing.

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“Marriage is something that we all need to respect and appreciate. The two of you have done so well over the years. We normally don’t get to do this. It’s very rare to have Restoration do this. But for the second time, we’re giving you the opportunity to renew your vows,” Stacy Amoateng, host of Restoration proclaimed. The first time this opportunity was offered went to Michel Majid and his wife.

Rev. Azigiza was actually speechless and was using his top-dress to fan himself, but as for his wife, Mrs Gertrude Edith Addo she said “oh no” initially and began to share tears of joy.

According to the couples, somebody surprised them with a new car as a gift for the 18th Anniversary and now another surprise from restoration was enough to shock them more.

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