The parents of the triplet according to report we are getting live in abject poverty and were blessed with 3 children before the triplet came to fore.

The husband of the woman who gave birth to triplet run away even when the wife was at hospital for fear of unable to take care of the children. After the man wandered to try and raise money he resurfaces home. Unfortunately, he couldn’t raise money at all as he did not find job.

On the day when Rev. Obofour names and celebrates his triplet the other other couples were also brought at the ceremony through the help of Afia Schwarzenegger and Kofi Adomah.

Rev. Obofour out of pity gifted the poor couples especially the woman GhC20,000 for business. The man was also gifted a car to do Taxi business to be able to take car of his family with a three bedroom house as well.

Watch the video below;


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