A Russian Nurse whose photo went viral for wearing a lingerie under a transparent PPE fears losing her job after hospital authorities threaten disciplinary action.

The nurse whose identity is not known publicly was punished by hospital authorities in Tula, Russia. Her colleague nurses and doctors have scrambled to her defense. They accused hospital authorities in the city of not providing adequate and correct PPE’s for hospital workers. Several politicians also jumped to her defence earlier this week.

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Her colleagues said the PPE they gave her was too thin to offer any adequate protection. They further accused authorities of not given her proper scrubs to wear underneath the PPE.

The nurse said she felt very hot in the clothing that she didn’t even notice how transparent it was. Her male colleagues in the ward said they had no complaints but they were a bit embarrassed.

In her defence, the Head of the Doctors’ Alliance, Dr. Anastasia Vasilyeva said they will protect the nurse in question if she comes to them. Dr. Vasilyeva had consistently been skeptical about Russia’s response to the pandemic.

‘If she turns to us, we will protect her,’ Dr. Vasilyeva said.

‘The fact that the costumes are of such a quality that do not meet the standards is a problem for management, not the nurse.

‘The picture shows that she was wearing some kind of plastic suit.’

‘We need to pay attention not to her [lingerie], but that the (gown) does not meet the necessary standards.

‘Firstly, a plague-proof costume is never transparent.

‘And it must be made of a completely different fabric.’

Dr. Vasilyeva said the nurse broke no law in trying to protect herself under unsafe conditions which resulted from the failures of city authorities.

Colleagues of the embattled nurse said they can’t say more or come out publicly. They said they will be bullied if they do so.

‘It is all very simple in Tula. Bullying will start against her,’ one of the nurses who worked with her said.

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