Norwegian Journalist discovered that the Covid-19 vaccines Ghana bought earlier was above the normal price and this has sparkled incessant outcry of Ghanaians. A private legal Practioner Martin Kpebu has advised President Akufo Addo to sack the Health Minister Hon. Agyeman Manu since his Ministry was not diligent enough to have bought a vaccine whose unit cost was $10 at $19.

“He should know that Ghanaians are very vigilant; so this one, I think the Health Minister has been too sloppy and the least the President can do is to sack him. The President should know that we are very angry with what the Health Minister has done, he has not shown prudence at all and has also shown no sensitivity to how Ghanaians react to issues of money,Martin Kpebu said.

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The Minister reacting to this said in the launch of the Pest and Vector Control Association of Ghana in Accra that he wanted to protect lives when the second wave of COVID-19 was claiming lives at an alarming rate. He added that at the time of purchase it was a suppliers market. This means that the suppliers determine the price since there was high demand for vaccines as a result of the devastating nature of the second wave of covid-19 in the world and that his Ministry had no intention of involving a middleman

“I had an obligation to try to see how we can arrive at our herd immunity. When we started looking for vaccines to procure, intermediaries were not part of our agenda. We were looking at what we will get from COVAX.  We could not have waited between March and August because we were in the second wave, and we were dying more than when we had the disease in 2020,” Hon. Agyeman Manu said

“Basic economics will tell you that in terms of scarcity, the market is the suppliers’ market. He or she dictates the price, not the buyer. I am surprised. We all learned these things at O-level, so why should I be a subject of ridicule?”he asked.


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