These sucessionists are negatively bitting more in the country and are unprecedented in the history of Ghana. The separatists are alleged to have attacked State Transport Corporation(STC) where they set one bus on fire in Ho, Volta Region today, 29th September 2020.

They had attacked a police station on 25 September 2020 where they allegedly took control of two police stations and burnt tyres there as well. In the police stations, they freed those in the police cells awaiting court proceedings or otherwise, took possessions of the guns, and blocked major roads into Volta Region instilling fear and panics in travelers from and to Tefle, Tsopoli, and Juapong.

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One person was later reported dead while security officials were firing guns to try and restore order to the area.

The Ghana police service says they will not rest until they apprehend all the suspects and made them face full rigorous of the law. 31 suspects have been arrested who are charged and are in police custody and investigations are going on in earnest.

Why is it that when these people are arrested, not long after they are released?. Are they not security threats?.

I think all the political parties must come together to condemn and encourage the processes of legality to be administered on them with amazing rapidity, this issue must not be condoned, messaged, or toyed with.

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The more the country security apparatus play with it, the more the successionists are given much publicity and be a major security threat to Ghana at large.



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