News made rounds a few weeks ago after the twitter page of the Asante Kingdom posted pictures and a video of a purported apple tree planted in Wiamose in the Ashanti Region. It turned out the tree wasn’t an apple tree but rather a member of the fig family after horticulturists took samples through laboratory testing.

Growing apples in Ghana is impossible according to some myths but practically, our soil composition and weather conditions are not favorable to produce the fruit.

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According to a developing story, GhanaWeb has found one Yaw Boadu who has cultivated an apple tree in the country. Yaw said the fact that the Wiamose story became false doesn’t mean apples can’t be grown in Ghana.

Yaw Boadu told GhanaWeb that even though the cultivation of apples is a daunting task, it can be done if people put their mind to it. He admitted how difficult it was to sustain it after he failed the first time.

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While speaking to GhanaWeb, Yaw Boadu said, “I started in 2017, I brought the first set of seedlings into the country, I planted, they all died. The manure that I put in the hole had not decomposed enough then so they all died. Then I brought another set, those set survived. Two of them started fruiting but they also died. I’m sure some pests of insects attacked them but this is the only one that is left now and this is the first fruit on it”.

“I do it for fun. I have an app to just identify fruits or plants that I have…we can take a picture of the leaf or fruit and it will show you what it is. So that will give you that confidence…”

He said the first fruits from his apple tree could be ready for consumption next month.


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