China fears a second wave of Coronavirus infections in the country after a cluster of Coronavirus cases were identified in a meat and vegetable market in a district in Central Beijing according to reports.

The new discovery of infections both symptomatic and asymptomatic were made in the biggest meat and vegetable market in the city. The market has since been closed down.

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In a news conference on Saturday, a government spokesman, Xu Hejian warned people in the municipality not to lose guard on the pandemic. He said: “We would like to warn everyone not to drop their guard even for a second in epidemic prevention control: we must be prepared for a prolonged fight with the virus.”

“We have to stay alert to the risks of imported cases and to the fact that epidemic control in our city is complicated and serious, and will be here for a long time,” Mr Xu added.

Chinese authorities are scrambling to curb the spread of the virus as they fear a new wave of infections months after the epicenter, Wuhan was reopened.

Authorities have collected samples of some 1,940 workers who work at meat and food installments in the capital Beijing. Some 5,424 environmental samples were also collected.

Four cases have been confirmed, three of them workers at a meat section in Xinfadi while one was a customer who visited the market.

45 cases were also confirmed in connection with people who are associated with the market. 40 cases were also confirmed on the environmental samples including a salmon chopping board.

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