(Grace Ashley reveals that secular musicians are not from the devil; image source: youtube.com)

Veteran gospel musician Grace Ashley has expressed her worries on how most people perceive secular tagging them as musicians from the devil.

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Speaking during an interview on Adom Fm’s Work and Happiness, the singer revealed that nothing differentiates them from the secular act but their choice of genre.

The “Gyese Woba Mu” maker explained that the two genres do not matter in the world of music and indicated that an artist can choose between the two depending on where the person seems compatible.

She continued that, “I always want people to understand that these two genres are similar and the secular acts are not of the devil after all that is their career”.

(We are all under the same umbrella; image source: facebook.com)

“We are working under a common umbrella only our ways differ a little. An artiste chooses where to work depending on where one feels comfortable,” she added.

She further explained that not every artiste will be successful in doing gospel music but the same artiste can make it under secular music.

She also revealed both acts turn to sing or listen to each other’s songs while disclosing one of her favourite songs is “Wish me well” by Kumi Eugene

(I was surprised when I heard of the news: image source: gpowerradio.com)

Speaking on the sudden death of Highlife musician Kofi-B.

“I like Kofi-B, though we were not best of friends, I like his songs very well. I was surprised when I had the news from my son and I found it a very disturbing,” she said.

Grace Ashley who has been out of the country for some time now was very popular for her “Jama” songs made for the Black Star during tournaments.

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