In 2017, music fans highly expected a duet from Beyonce and Bodak Yellow crooner Cardi B. The collaboration never came to pass. The producer of the song said the collaboration was cancelled by Beyonce after news of it leaked online.

In October 2017, Michael Ashby popularly know as “Ashby the Mix Engineer” gave a clue of the collaboration by posting a photo of his computer screen on his Instagram story. The photo was a mixing program with a file captioned “Cardi B ft Beyonce Demo”.

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Although the mix engineer didn’t give any further details about the project, fans went into a frenzy hearing the two heavyweights were cooking something in the studio. Ashby apologized to the two celebrities for making the revelation.

“Three years ago I had a Beyonce play with Cardi and that kinda went sour because it went viral that they were doing a song together and that cut out (sic),” Producer J White Did It revealed in a Instagram video.

We understand Beyonce prefers a cloud of secrecy around his projects and for that reason, she cancelled the most anticipated collaboration that could have topped charts.

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