There is a viral video circulating in the social media handles where a so-called pastor was seen shaving the public hair of church members as part of his deliverance process. The church of the pastor is reportedly called the END TIME CHURCH.

He claimed it was a direction from the Lord to undertake such deliverance after more than 30 days of fasting and prayers.

The congregants who fell victim were basically females and they even loved the so-called pastors’ procedure for deliverance once they get the results they so desire. This incidence happened in Ghana. One cannot even fathom the kind of boldness this pastor had to do that. Among them were females both young ladies, old women and in the video he even added that he will top it up with spiritual bath.

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Christians especially women should be careful with these so-called prophets and in the guise of seeking answers to their problems should not let their desires and wants lead them to accept and do certain things that would lead them astray.

Watch the video below;


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