2nd Timothy 3:1-9

How deep does your faith go? We are warned in these verses that it is possible to have what seems to be Godliness, but has no power.  Many people in our day think they are Christians and are safe, they will inherit Gods kingdom because they go to church, or the pray or they do good works.  None of these things make us more holy and acceptable to God

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Paul was writing this letter to Timothy who was a young pastor and Paul is teaching Timothy how to be a good pastor and to protect those whom he was responsible for.  He records a lot of sinful characteristics which are;

Lovers of self,

Lovers of money,




Disobedient to parents,





Malicious gossips,

Without self-control,


Haters of good,




Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.

He then says that they hold to a form of Godliness.  That is a way of saying that on the surface these people would appear to be good, but their hearts would be bad.

He then gives further warning that these people are just like Jannes and Jambres who opposed Moses.  These two people do not appear in the Old Testament, but evidently the early church would have known who they were and what they did when they opposed Moses and whatever it was, according to this passage, they must have met with a terrible punishment from God.

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Timothy is exhorted to avoid such men for they enter the houses of weak women weighed down with sin and various impulses.

Timothy and by extension, we are told to avoid such people.  Bearing in mind that Timothy was a pastor in a church, Paul is telling him that he had to have the courage to deal with such sin in the church and root it out.

We are no different today.  Known sin in the church has to be dealt with or it will take hold and be displeasing to God.  If we sense the start of any such sins in ourselves, we must be honest about it and put it to death and for those who persist at sin and do not want to listen and repent then just as Timothy was told to have nothing to do with such people then we also should avoid such people because God has not and never will drop his standards to suit our desires.

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