According to the country’s best pandemic and disease control experts, hospitals in South Africa could be overwhelmed with coronavirus cases within weeks.

Hospitals in Cape Town are almost full and infection rates are rising rapidly in the south.

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Doctors in Cape Town warn that many hospitals there will soon have difficulty coping.

The situation looks worse in the Eastern Cape province.

One of the best Covid-19 experts in the country, Prof. Shabir Madhi, called it “alarming” and said the actual incidence of infection was far higher than the overloaded test system.

The professor warned that the struggling Eastern Cape province could provide clues as to how the pandemic would affect the entire continent.

Anyone who believes that Africa can be spared, perhaps because it has a relatively young population, has said no to want it.

The confirmed cases of coronavirus in South Africa is 37,525,  19,682 recoveries, and 792 deaths.

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