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Special benefits of charcoal you didn’t know



Charcoal is not given much preeminence because it is often seen as a worthless commodity except to be used to set fire. It is unbelievable the industrial and domestic uses of charcoal and that is why I call it the wonders of charcoal.
  1. Charcoal acts as air refresher. It can be used to reduce bad smells in our pairs of shoes by depositing a small fraction into them. Additionally, ordour in our houses can be dealt with when we place a piece of charcoal at where the smell might emanate from. Place a piece in your fridge when you suspect a bad smell. Ashes of charcoal is used to clear coop toilet to abate the smell.
  2. Charcoal solution is used to wash and make vegetables fresh. It is used to remove toxins found in fertilizers on plants and vegetables. Just leave the vegetable in a charcoal solution for some time and it will take care of the toxins.
  1. Charcoal can be used to whiten teeth. The toothpaste I personally use now is charcoal toothpaste and below is the picture;
    Charcoal Toothpaste from Dublin, Ireland

 It has been made mixing it with other valuable ingredients necessary for dental care. It is recommended for people who want to have their teeth whitened.

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Even Unilever Ghana produces Pepsodent which has charcoal as part of the ingredient.

  1. Drop a piece of charcoal in your groundnut or peanuts or palm nut soup when they go wrong. This is necessitated because it will extract all the bad taste and smell and restore the soup to its fresh original taste.
  2. Charcoal also cures migraines.
  3. A piece of charcoal can be used to extract excess salt in food, etc.
  4. Charcoal also softens the influence of chili either in the mouth or in the eyes.
  5. It is used in stopping severe diarrhea.
  6. It is used for effective dental hygiene and is normally mixed with lemon to brush.
  7. It is used to purify contaminated water. Just put a fraction of it in the water. Don’t worry about the watercolor
  8. It treats diarrhea, Amoeba, injuries (outside ash is an antibiotic, it’s more than medical alcohol), and in the metaphysical field, charcoal aspires to negative elements or entities on the body, water to drink, bath (just some 2 or 3 Pieces) and in houses (house corners, with a little salt).
  9. It can be used to get rid of pimples, acne or skin disease that you really want to get rid of, just make thick charcoal solution and apply it on your affected body parts and leave it for a few hours before taking your bath and this should be repeated for a number of days.
  10. It is a powerful stain removal. Charcoal is used to get rid of stains in your kitchen, bathroom or on your tiles. Practice it, it works wonders.
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