An Accra Circuit Court has sentenced a 24-year-old student to three years imprisonment for extorting a policewoman over her nude pictures. The student, Francis Aggrey was threatened to circulate nude pictures of his girlfriend who is a policewoman.

Francis pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit crime and extortion and was jailed on his own guilty plea by Justice Emmanuel Essandoh.

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According to the prosecution, Francis gave jealousy as the reason for extorting Ghc 3,000 from his girlfriend with the help of an accomplice named Christian Donkor who hasn’t been found yet.

Justice Emmanuel Essandoh deferred the sentence on the charge of conspiracy when police prayed the court that they will need the help of Francis in apprehending his accomplice, Christian Donkor.

Detective Seargent Frederick Oppong told the court that Francis and the policewoman were in a relationship until Francis suspected that the woman was cheating on him on the 15th of May.

To confirm his suspicion, Francis created an account on Telegram under the name, “Nana N.” George sent nude videos of the policewoman to her using the account and demanded Ghc 3,000. He threatened to release the video on social media if the policewoman defaults on payment.

The policewoman who doubles as Francis’ girlfriend reported the case to her boss who disguised himself and chatted with Christian Donkor.

Francis forwarded the videos to Christian Donkor who also sent them to the policewoman and demanded she paid the money. Donkor gave a mobile money number to the Police woman ( her disguised boss) and asked her to pay Ghc 1,500 on Friday, May 15 which the policewoman did.

On interrogation, the policwoman’s boss suspected that Francis was behind the deal and asked the woman to confront him. Francis confessed to the crime but said he did it because of jealousy.

Francis was handed over to the Bureau of National Investigations and the National Security after his arrest on May 19.

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