Courtship normally takes place after a successful dating between two adults of the opposite sex with the intent to get married and this is a much-committed relationship, unlike dating.

This involves the discussions of expectations in a would-be marriage of both parties. The discussions include the number of children, financial transparency, not keeping secrets from each other, mutual visions in life, business investments, career planning, weaknesses and strengths with their attendant adjustments, the parameters of the relationship between in-laws, the modulo operand for raising children, retirement planning, temperamental lapses and any other unwritten or written rules that could be binding during the marriage, etc. During courtship, no one is supposed to have any other intimate relationship with someone else. Two people courting could still go out but not as much as during dating session in normal situation. Before the start or consummation of courtship, there should be permission of each others’ parents assenting to marriage.

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The purposes of courtship are to know each other well and also what to expect of each other in marriage. Additionally, courtship also acts as a guidepost through which the would-be couples will be following during marriage. This means that courtship acts as a manual in the implementations and achievement of plans when they get married. Courtship acts as a safety valve through which marriage thrives. It also helps those courting to be focused and achieve good marriage.

Courting should not take a long time before ending in marriage especially when the man and the woman are satisfied with each other. Normally at this stage especially for Christians, the head pastor is made known of the intention of the two to get married. The head pastor after one or two interrogations refers the lovers to the marriage committee for counselling which normally lasts between 3 to 6 months. Normally during the counselling session, the two prepares for the marriage ceremony buying items such as wedding rings, wedding gowns, etc. or seek the services of marriage event consultancy firms at a fee which takes care of the entire planning and execution of the wedding or marriage. When the counselling is about ending the would-be couples then give the date for their marriage ceremony.

In conclusion, courtship is an indefatigable element to a successful marriage. However, God must be allowed to superintend the entire affairs before, during and after courtship and more especially in marriage.






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