Teacher Unions in Ghana has responded to the Ghana Education Service letter on the plans and preparations for the reopening of schools in Ghana.

Ghana Education Service wrote to the various teachers’ unions in Ghana seeking their opinions on strategies to be employed for the reopening of school if the President chooses to review its directives on the closure of schools.

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The unions in a reply letter to the education service have opined that conditions are not favourable for the reopening of schools.

According to the unions “the COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc all over the world, Ghana being no exception.”

The number of confirmed cases in Ghana as at May 18, 2020, is 5,735 with 29 deaths.

They continued that “the spread in Ghana is still very much horizontal, and given the fact that our schools could still be incubation centres of the pandemic and given the unlimited social interactions and movements which take place there.”

They also expressed concerns over the age of the students and their exuberance nature which could be very difficult for the teachers to control them, hence a possible spread of the virus may be inevitable.

The Pre-tertiary Education Unions disclosed that they would not ascribe to the reopening of the schools, should the President of the Republic decide not to extend the 31st May 2020 deadline and order the reopening of the schools.

They argued that the lives of the teachers and students are paramount and cannot be risked by exposing them to the virus.

“We cannot expose our Teachers and students to the COVID-19 pandemic, with its attendant sorrows and gnashing teeth.”

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