Professor Emeritus Stephen Adei said teachers must be willing to give 50% of their salary if they want to stay at home.

The Covid-19 outbreak in Ghana has led to the closure of schools to curb the spread of the disease, and teachers have been at home since March.

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In a conversation with Winston Amoah in Joy News Upfront, the professor said that teachers not only had to write letters to protest the reopening of schools but should have also made some positive contributions to how teachers and students were to be protected and a reduction in their salary.

Professor Stephen Adei

According to him, civil servants are not entitled to their salaries if they do not work.

“Being a civil servant doesn’t mean when you work or not, you deserve to be paid. We need a teacher when we reopen. But I expect some positive contributions.”

“And you go tell the government, Oh, don’t open school, let’s stay home, and you said nothing about your salary or measures to employ towards reopening. Nothing, nothing, nothing about your salary. You will stay at home. That is a sign of irresponsibility,” he said.

Some civil society organizations have condemned the GES letter which states that the institution has launched a stakeholder consultation to update the President on measures to be taken towards the reopening of schools.

Among them was the National Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, which had called on the government to postpone talks on school reopening.

According to them, it is still too early for the government to think about reopening schools if the recording Covid-19 case still on the increase.

However, Prof. Adei said that teachers must be willing to give at least 50% of their salary when they are at home because their inactivity does not deserve a full salary.

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