Telegram rolled out several new features in its latest update on September 30, such as search filters, anonymous administrators, channel comments and more.

Search filters make it easy for users to search. Anonymous group administrators protect the identity of group administrators, and channel comments allow users to comment on posts or messages on a channel or group.

In addition to these three major improvements, Telegram has added new animated emojis, animated popups, day and night themes, and the ability to view chat lists on two of your own accounts in one application using an account switch.

Telegram’s search filter allows users to search for specific messages, media (photos / videos), files, links, music and voice notes. You can also search for a specific time period. To search for a specific time period, the user only needs to enter the date. All chats, media, links, files, music and voice notes for the day are displayed properly isolated in their respective tabs.

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Anonymous group administrators is a feature intended for those who wish to hide their identities as group administrators. On its blog, Telegram says it is introducing the role of an anonymous group administrator for those who use Telegram to organize protests for democracy and freedom.

Telegram also rolled out channel comments, which allow users to comment on messages or posts in a group. Comments have their own thread and are also included in discussion groups for everyone to see.

Telegram is a cloud messaging application with a special focus on security. The company was founded by Russian businessmen Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov.


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