The state of Texas, the busiest death penalty state in the United States has resumed death row executions after a five month due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Billy Joe Wardlow received lethal injection on Wednesday evening for a crime he committed in June 1993, almost three decades ago.

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Billy killed 82-year-old Carl Cole in his home in Cason after he tried to steal the old man’s truck and get away with his girlfriend.

The US Supreme court refused to stop Wardlow’s execution although his lawyers argue against the jury’s decision to impose the death penalty.

The 45-year-old Wardlow however  had his execution date moved from April 29 to Wednesday July 8 due to the Coronavirus scare in Texas. He was the second person to be executed in the US and first to be executed in Texas since the country started reopening.

Wardlow was 18 years old at the time he committed the crime. His attorneys argued that ‘the science really supports precluding the death penalty for anyone under 21 because brain development is still happening.’

Meanwhile the Texas Attorney General’s office argued that, ‘Wardlow senselessly executed elderly Carl Cole to steal his truck, something that could have been taken without violence because the keys were in it.’

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