A Texas woman was charged with hitting her six-year-old stepdaughter with a metal belt as punishment for urinating on the bed resulting into the child’s death.

Jessica Bundren, 40, was arrested Tuesday in Bryan on charges of injuring a child caused leading to the death of her stepdaughter.

The victim reportedly suffered bruises on her face, legs and wounds with puncture marks on her upper body.

Police said officers responded to reports of a child who did unresponsive immediately after 9pm Tuesday at a house in Bryan’s 700 block of Garden Acres.

Bundren, the girl’s stepmother, first told police that the six-year-old had fallen down the stairs that night before she sent her to bed, KHOU11 reported.

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Bundren told officers that he later examined the girl and found that she was not breathing.

Police claimed to have met the victim who was lying under a blanket on the floor of their bedroom. They observed visible wounds on the face, head, upper body and legs.

According to the police, the child was apparently beaten with a belt covering him with puncture Mark’s and bruises.

During questioning, Bundren admitted to physically beating her stepdaughter for bedwetting and then ordering her to sleep on the floor, according to KBTX.

The 40-year-old woman told police she beat the child with a belt half a dozen times – one for every year of her life, but she said she had no idea why her stepdaughter had stopped breathing.

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During a search of the house, a belt with metal rivets was found, which police said matched the stab marks on the victim’s body.

Bundren is being held in Brazos County Prison on $ 150,000 bail.


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