Do the ten commandments make you feel bad?  They Should.
Exodus 20

Have you ever given any thought to what the ten commandments are for?

I think they are there for us to discover that we are sinners and cannot keep them.  We may keep some of them outwardly, but inwardly we break them.  The bible warns us that if any man looks upon a woman with lust the has committed adultery with her in his heart. (Mathew 5:27-28)

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I conclude that if we think about any of the things we would like to do what is contrary to the commandments, then we have broken them. The fact is that we have not loved the Lord our God with all our heart and strength, so we break that command.

If we are angry with anyone and wished they were dead, then we are murders. If I wish I had a bigger and better car that is just as good as someone else’s or a better anything else I may have seen then I have coveted and broken the commandment.

This could be said of all the commandments. If we think about it, we have done it. I met a man who takes people through the commandments one by one.  He calls it GETTING THEM LOST.   His purpose is to make them understand that they are lost even if they do not think so and then need Christ. He starts with the first one and if they say they have no other gods then he makes suggestions about things that are important in their lives that for them are gods.

Having conceded that they have broken this command he goes on to the next one and talks them through it asking if they have broken it and if they say no then he asks them if they have ever imagined breaking it.  In this way, he goes through all the commandments and proves that every one of them has been broken.

If he has led the conversation well the person has begun to realize that they are not as pure as they thought they were. In fact, they are a sinner and God is angry with them. This is the point at which they realize they are lost.  It begs the question, “What must I do to be saved”  By now they realise there is nothing they can do to save themselves. To sin just once is unholy and God cannot abide by one sin.

He then shows them other portions of the bible that tell of how blood has to be shed for sin and through the old testament animals were sacrificed as a covering for sin but in Christ, we have a final sacrifice and if we trust in him then we obtain God forgiveness and eternal life is imputed to us

If it were not for the commandments, we would not know that we are sinners.  In giving them even though they make us feel bad, God is demonstrating kindness to us by making us aware of our true sinful condition in order that we will seek him out to obtain his forgiveness.

I wonder if you have looked at the commandments and thought you had kept them all and so, therefore, you are ok with God.  You have no need for God to forgive you because you are perfect.  The commandments prove you are not perfect.  You need to obtain Gods forgiveness now before it is too late.  A Day will come when Christ will return to judge the world and those who have obtained his mercy will be welcomed into his kingdom, but those who have rejected his mercy will go into everlasting punishment.  Now is the time for you to act. All your good deeds will not be good enough, only God can give you the forgiveness you need.  The commandments point us to Christ and make us realize that we are not worthy for only he is worthy but if we trust in him God will count us as worthy.

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