The rate at which COVID-19 is spreading from person to person in most part of the world coupled with the fact that there is no immediate vaccine for the virus has raised many conspiracy theories concerning the virus with the most popular being linked to the 5G technology.

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A lot of social media influencers and celebrities around the world have tried to link the spread or the cause of the new coronavirus to the invention of the super-fast wireless network, the 5G network.

Why Is 5G Being Linked To Cause And Spread Of COVID-19

The theory on 5G being the root cause of the virus began to circulate somewhere in January on Facebook (though Facebook removed the related post) according to the UK website Full Fact but the theory began to gain root early April. The post received more than 300 shares according to Facebook.

The 5G conspiracy holds that the technology is the cause of the virus or the mode through which the virus is being spread around the world. It believes the virus is made up to cover the effect of the technology on the human system.

The theory believes that the 5G has destroyed peoples immune system and has influenced the cause of common flu in people. It holds that the radiation emitted by 5G masts damages the immune system.

Moreover, the theory holds that Wuhan, the Chinese city where the virus was first identified and detected was also the first city the 5G technology was tested and rolled out.

Finally, Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gate is the founder of the technology and is using the new invention to control the world’s population through the creation of vaccines for the virus which will be in the form of a chip embedded in people.

Why Are These Theories False?

The theory as stated earlier was started by anti-5G groups and were able to influence a lot of people on social media including influencers and celebrities such as America singer Keri Hilson who began to write on the topic on twitter to her 4.2million followers.

Firstly, the 5G technology like any other wireless networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G is tried and tested technology which has been proven to be harmless to the human system.

The 5G data are transmitted over a non-ionising radio wave, a small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This means the waves can not cause any damage to the human system.

People’s concern is the fact that the 5G waves need to be transmitted with the aid of towers which are placed close to one another due to the nature of the waves (it cannot travel over a long distance). They believe the transmission may contribute to cell damage, brain cancer, infertility, headaches and other illness.

But researchers have revealed that for a radio wave to be harmful to the human system, it should be transmitted in the range of 100 KHz to 300 GHz but the maximum 5G wave is like 1/10 of this range.

Also, there are no records to prove that Wuhan was the first city to roll out the new technology. Three Chinese telcos in October 2019, announced the plan to roll out phones that use 5G network in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, where the technology is already in use.

Though Wuhan has a 5G coverage, no scientific proof has linked the virus to the technology.

With the issue of Bill Gate, the billionaire is being accused because he has opted to invest in seven possible vaccines for the virus. His foundation, The Gate Foundation is raising a substantial amount for the building of factories and manufacturing of seven possible vaccines out of many candidates.

The billionaire believes a few billions invested to find a cure for a virus which has caused the world economy to lose trillions is worth it.

Not forgetting the influence of Russia to propagate the theory. Russia has been against the technology from day one. In 2016, Russia wrote many papers on how the 5G will affect human lives.

The Russian broadcasting network, Broadcaster RT America, did a documentary on how the 5G will be used to experiment on humans.

Is 5G Harmful Or The Cause Of COVID-19?

5G is used in countries like China, Uk, Germany and South Korea. Though all these countries have recorded cases of COVID-19, none of them has linked the spread or the cause of the virus to 5G technology or its transmitting towers.

Also, countries like Iran, Japan and America who are not using the technology have all recorded the virus, showing 5G is not responsible for the spread or the cause of the virus.

The technology has also been approved by various authorities including Food and Drugs Authorities in most countries.

The new technology is an upgrade of 4G and meant to provide super-fast internet which can even be used to empower self-driven cars.


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