Ashaiman Police Command Officers were tested after 11 other inmates tested positive for Covid-19. Two weeks ago, 54 health prisoners were randomly tested at Ashaiman cells, and 10 of them tested positive. The new numbers bring the number of positive cases to 21. The detainees were isolated at a facility in Twibleo, also in the Ashaiman area.

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After the development, the authorities have taken steps to prevent further spread. Authorities say they are still waiting for the results of 33 people tested.

The situation forced the authorities to take action before the virus spread to all employees. In this way, the staff stopped recognizing new prisoners to Ashaiman cells.

Instead, they sent suspects into three new cells in different locations in Community 22, North Ashaiman, and Middle East.

Employees are tested in batches to determine their status. Care must be taken to reduce the spread even at the workplace because everybody is at risk. In my opinion, relentless efforts should be taken by the various governments including Ghana to get the cure and vaccine for COVID-19 because seemingly COVID-19 has come to stay as we have been made aware of by WHO and Ghana’s Minister of Health.

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