Osei Kyei-Mensah Bonsu, Majority leader and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs has remarked that the coronavirus must be over soon if not Ghana’s economy may sink. He added that Ghana’s economy may need 2 years to recover to a forward movement if coronavirus is not over soon.

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COVID-19 has necessitated a lockdown in some parts of Accra, Ashanti and Kasoa and partial lockdown nationwide. Many businesses have either stagnated or at the verge of collapse. Many workers have been asked to either work from home or stop work temporarily. As such the government has taken some social interventions like free water for the next three months including April 2020. Additionally, there is also an intervention in the electricity bill where those who consume up to 15kilwatt per hour will not pay electricity bills from April up to June 2020. However, those who consume more than 15kilowatts per hour whether the residential or industrial government will subsidize 50% of their bill using March 2020 as a bench.

It is upon this background that the majority leader is saying that the government has a heavy financial burden on its head and if COVID-19 does not go within the next three to four months Ghana will be in trouble economically.

He said the following when one Accra-based media house was interviewing him;

“The President has since last week been talking about this, that he is considering whether or not the nation will have money. This matter has come before Cabinet. The cabinet is discussing it and Cabinet will make a decision. Of course, you have to look at the inflows. Don’t forget that revenues have cascaded downwards, petroleum revenue, tax revenue too, and now there is a slowdown.”

He added that “God forbid, if this thing should continue for the next three to four months, the nation will be in big big trouble. Even with this, if we’re really going bounce back, [with] the repercussions on the economy, it will take us about two years to recover.”


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