A senior political science lecturer at the University of Ghana has criticized the electoral commission (EC) which holds meetings with interest groups in the electoral process.

Prof. Ransford Gyampo said the Commission had chosen the wrong approach to build consensus among its stakeholders.

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Ghana’s Electoral Commissioner Chair, Jean Mensa

“The lazy approach is to retreat from the resistance line, quickly reorganize the mandate, and become incompatible with the background of opposition and polarization. It has been like that since 1992,” when he granted Accra Based media house interview.”

He explained that over the years the Electoral Commission had not fully committed to its stakeholders to become a truly commissioned institution. “RIPAL is a law that was passed in 2006. Afari-Gyan could not implement it, Charlotte Osei could not implement it, and I am not convinced that Jean Mensa can implement it. The reason is partly due to the fact that no consensus seems to exist between key stakeholders and implementation, “he said.

“In my opinion, the lack of consensus over the years has shown that the Electoral Commission itself does not work hard to get all its stakeholders to fulfill its mandate.”

“As far as I believe that the institution’s mandate must be respected, the implementation and persistence of the mandate to do the work must be carried out with a certain degree of responsibility and responsible accountability, especially under polarization conditions.

“Although Professor Gampo acknowledges the fact that the EC has not provided the right mandate for its stakeholders to provide comprehensive services,” we should not allow it to fester or go on. ”

I would advise everyone that this is not the time to insist on the mandate, but also on political parties, that this is not the time to be assertive. “

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