I was reading the book of Job and I wonder what we would make of it if it were a movie script. In most movies the situation is set up, there may be suffering and conflict and at the end, it is resolved and if it is a mystery movie, explanations are given.

That is not what God did. He did not explain to Job that he allowed the Devil to test him in order that he ( God ) would be glorified.  We only know that, because we have the opening chapters of the book where God has given us the explanation for what is going on.

God gave the devil permission to take away Jobs wealth, his health and his family.  In all this his wife also suffered for all of her children were dead and she had lost her meant of support.  She told Job to curse God and die.  Job refused to do so saying (“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”) 

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He had three well-meaning friends who thought that they knew what was going on. They said that Job must have sinned and God was punishing him so Job had to confess his sin.  However, Job had not sinned.  The friends had a fixed view of God and they applied it to Jobs situation. They were well-meaning but wrong

We should not have a fixed view of what God is doing for us to, just like Jobs  God has revealed himself to us, but it is also clear in the Bible that there are things he has not revealed to us and we do well not to speculate but to concentrate on what God has clearly revealed to us for our good.  The secret things belong to the lord.  For example, when is Jesus coming back? I do not know. All I know is that one day he will return and judge the world in righteousness, and we have to be ready for that.  We should not be speculating about the date.

We know that God allows suffering.  We do not always know why.  God himself understands suffering for in Jesus, he has endured suffering in his death for us. Jesus died to glorify the father.  He even said, (“Not my will but yours”)

Job had no idea why he was suffering. He only knew that God was doing something and he was able to say to his friend, (“Thou he slay me, yet will I trust him”).  I find that a powerful statement and I challenge myself. If I was in Jobs place, would I be able to say that?

God at the end of the book, points Job to himself and his majesty, for he has made everything and we have no right to question God in what he does.  The job was seen to be a good and righteous man and God told his friends that Job would pray for them. I expect they had prayed for Job in his suffering but here it is Job who has to pray for them as they got it wrong

If you are suffering, and you do not know why then cling to God all the more and trust him

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