Asin Central MP hit the government hard when he assigned “very attractive contracts” to believers at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at the expense of ruling party members.

In an interview with Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong granted Accra-based media house, he said the current government is making it hard for its party members to secure contracts, but however, offering them to opposition party members.

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“The NDC remained in power for eight years and marginalized the NPP people. So if you want to balance the equation, the ruling power party must logically marginalize the NDC members for eight years. But the current NPP government is more concerned with NDC and I have a problem with it.”
“When asked if he had a government contract during NDC administration, Mr. Agyapong replied, “Only former President Mahama asked the Ministry of Energy to pay me $ 14 million. It took six solid years to pay for a project, which was completed in 2008.”

He said the Office of Economic and Organized Crime (EOCO) had to confirm his allegations after his wife appeared before them 77 times for interrogation.

Asin Central MP reaffirmed his determination to quit politics after the 2024 general elections.

Kennedy Ayapong said it was the “stupid” job in the world to go to parliament, besides being an Assemblymember.

It’s better for him to focus on his business and other commitments to live a better life than to waste his time on politics.

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