Job was a Godly man. He loved the Lord and shunned evil to such an extent that he made sacrifices to God on behalf of his children just in case they sinned. God said there was no one like him in all the earth. Note that Job did not boast and say that of himself. That was Gods verdict of him which God proclaimed to the devil.
Job had no idea what was going on in the spiritual realm between God and Satan. Satan was trying to prove that Job only worshipped God, because God hemmed him in, protected him, and had made him rich. Satan asserted that if his wealth and health were taken away, then Job would curse God. Indeed Jobs wife urged him to curse God and die. His wife was suffering with him. She also had lost their wealth and all of their children. She was grieving.
Jobs friends loved and cared for him. They spent seven days just waiting with him barely recognizing him before Job said anything. However, they also had no idea what was going on in the spiritual realm, but they presumed they did. They thought that as Job was suffering, it had to be because he had sinned. We now read the book of Job and we know it was to glorify God.
When I read this book, I ask myself a question. If God made me suffer as he allowed Job to suffer, would I be up to the challenge? Do I love God as Job did? Would I resent God if I suffered, or would I say as Job did,”The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away? Blessed be the name of the lord”.
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