The League Cup could be scrapped off next season if the Premier League decides to increase the number of clubs to participate for next season’s campaign.

Following the uncertainty over the resumption of the English Premier League, the decision to either relegate or promote teams teams to the top flight has been a matter of question.
There is a growing feeling among a number of Premier League clubs about the possibility of the league to be ended prematurely and the size of the league may increase with the promotion of maybe two or three teams.
That would as a result mean an increase in the number of League matches and Sportsmail understands that a number top-flight officials have held a discussion over the possibility of increase in the number of matches and look forward to do away with what may be seemed to many as an ‘unnecessary distraction.’

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In the wake of events due to the underlying pandemic many have suggested that no club should be relegated but three clubs should be promoted to the English top-flight league.
That would see an increase in the number of premier league matches from 38 to 44 and would as result mean six clubs will be relegated in the 2020-21 season to bring everything back to normalcy in the next season ahead.
The League Cup has already been under pressure to be cancelled when Liverpool were forced to play their U-23 squad in the quarter final as their senior team travelled to play the UEFA Club World Cup match in Qatar.

UEFA president Aleksander Cerefin has called for the League Cup to be canned

UEFA president Aleksander Cerefin called for the League Cup to be “canned” earlier this year in an interview with The Times after the Liverpool incidence.

The League Cup recently celebrated its 60th anniversary.


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